About us

This blog is about ‘black issues’* and the impact that being a person of colour has on our inner lives and our sense of identity, along with commentary about the political landscape we live in that shapes public option and the policies that get put in place to mitigate, or otherwise, against the impact of race bias.

Contributors to this blog are welcome to highlight issues they are interested in or are keen to open up debate and discussion about within the blogs remit.  Comments are also welcomed. Both Contributors and commentators will sign their posts.

Eugene Ellis is the moderator of this blog. Eugene is the founder of The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN).

BAATN is a network of Psychotherapists and Counsellors who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in the UK.  The website address is www.baatn.org.uk.

*Black Issues

‘Black’ is a political and sociological term, identifying a group of people who have been most vulnerable to the oppression racism owing to differences in skin colour.

‘Issues’ in this context refers to any concern, problem, dynamic, feeling or experience raised about black people or by white people.


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